street markets around the world #1

Maeklong Market

Maeklong Market in Samut Songkhram, Thailand, 37 miles west of Bangkok. Eight times a day a train passes through the market. Stallholders tug on ropes, lift their canopies, and ensure their piles of lychee, durian, mango, seafood, dried spices and peppers, are low enough to pass under the train.

You don’t get this at Camden Lock… (Scroll down for video)

Maeklong Market -1

Piccadilly Market’s Neighbours: Paxton & Whitfield


Walking to Piccadilly Market this morning I took the back way along Jermyn Street. Suddenly there was the unmistakable smell of unrefrigerated Brie. Sure enough, Paxton & Whitfield were open and doing brisk trade with early morning customers.

This wonderful shop — who are not paying me to write this — started off as a cheese stall at Aldwych market in 1742.

Winston Churchill observed: “A gentleman buys his hats at Locks, his shoes at Lobbs, his shirts at Harvey and Hudson, his suits at Huntsman and his cheese at Paxton & Whitfield.”


Oh the Excitement at Piccadilly Market…

The sun is shining, the choir is rehearsing, the flowers are ready, the press is gathering and security are muttering into their sleeves for today’s big wedding at St James’s Church Piccadilly. Oh the excitement! You don’t get this at any other London market…

Congratulations to Coronation Street actress Helen Worth and her fiancé Trevor Dawson.

helen worth wedding, st james church piccadilly

helen worth wedding, st james church piccadilly

helen worth wedding, st james church piccadilly

helen worth wedding, st james church






Eskimos at Piccadilly Market

Okay, you may be 16 °C colder than last year…


… and it snowed in London (again) yesterday, and will probably snow (again) today, accompanied by a biting wind from Siberia or possibly Alaska, but cheer yourself up with a visit to Piccadilly Market!


Now snowing in central London (10am). But look on the bright side. It may change to horizontal sleet, or maybe freezing rain, later.