Time-Travel Kaleidoscopes

News from Hand-Made Kaleidoscopes….. How cool is this?

Dear Ruth,

I bought a kaleidoscope from your stand at Piccadilly Market a couple of years ago. I’m a children’s author and my retro-style adventure story, “The Bother in Burmeon” was published earlier this year. It’s a time-slip story in which the young hero goes back to 1962 via a mysterious kaleidoscope (it’s silver in the book). I bought the kaleidoscope to use as a prop for school visits (where it has been much admired!) and to use in the book trailer which we’ve now finished…

If you do manage to construct a time-travel kaleidoscope, I’d love to know!

Kind regards,


S.P. Moss aka Susan Imgrund


The Bother in Burmeon by S.P. Moss

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