Barbara Cantini Venetian Glass

barbara-cantini-venetian-glass-1This collection of glass jewellery and interior design objects is created by Italian artisans in the Venetian Lagoon area. Each individual piece is uniquely hand crafted in the traditional way of the Italian glass makers.

Venetian glass is used in jewellery as well as a wide variety of objects from vases to sculptures of the natural world. The jewellery comes in a selection of striking colours, accented with gold and silver leaf to add style to your wardrobe.

Italian artisans have been creating murano glass pieces for centuries and many adore the superb designs and colours of this unique type of work.

Barbara Cantini is Italian, originally from Tuscany, where she first discovered her passion for Venetian glass.She has been importing a variety of Venetian glass fashion pieces and interior design objects since 1997 and has been at Piccadilly Market for 15 years.

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Tel: 07931 470015

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