DeMEC Vegetable Ivory

DeMEC Vegetable Ivory

DeMec Vegetable Ivory stall, is a small London based group dedicated to the design and ethical creation of state-of-the-art jewels, promoting quality and integrity.

DeMEC’s beautiful and elegant Jewellery is made from the Amazonian palm seed known as vegetable ivory [Phytelephas Macrocarpa]. The seeds colour, hardness and density are very similar to animal ivory, making these amazing seeds the only natural and totally sustainable alternative to ivory. The seed was used 200 years ago in fine products such as Victorian dress buttons and furniture handles until it was replaced by plastic in the 50’s.

DeMEC is trying to go further in design by proposing a new range of jewellery  they call jewellery ‘with a purpose’: ‘our purpose is to give back to nature what she has been giving us by using a product that will help to save the elephants preserving the rain forests’. The stall is a top feature of Piccadilly Market.

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